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A donation to The T.E.A. Project enables us to provide the essential training and workshops needed to empower vulnerable children living in poverty.

A gift of £10 provides vital T.E.A.-Training materials, £30 funds one fully staffed equipped day of L.I.F.E. Training and £100 allows The T.E.A. Project to employ a local Project Worker full time.

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EVERY-BODY is a 1-day healthy relationship programme aimed at educating adolescents about relationships, gender issues and reproductive health.

Relationships are traditionally a difficult topic for discussion in Sri Lanka. Our culturally sensitive programme promotes learning without judgement and provides young people with a safe environment to ask those ‘difficult questions’.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Discuss how a relationship with a partner differs from other relationships
  • Identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors within a partner relationship
  • Discuss how to protect yourself & keep safe online
  • Understand the many changes that happen to teenagers during puberty
  • Define a relationship and identify different types of relationships, including LGBTIQ

The T.E.A. Project has two clearly defined programmes; one for girls and one for boys. Our TEAm is skilled and experienced at running programmes with adolescent school groups; the feedback from young people inspires us to continually review and adapt EVERY-body to meet the changing needs of today’s young people.