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Set up a monthly standing order or give a one-off gift via your bank or building society by sending us an Email Request we will then send you our Charity Bank details.

Donating in this way ensures 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects.

Completing and returning the available Gift Aid form means The T.E.A. Project can claim an additional 25 % on your donation at no extra cost to yourself.

We will keep you updated on the work and impact that your donation has enabled so you can continue to appreciate the real benefit.

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The Government operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated. So if you donated £100 to The T.E.A.. Project, it means that you’ll actually be giving us at least £125.

Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to our donors.

To ensure that the Gift Aid claim is valid, meaning we can claim the money back, it’s vitally important that all the information asked for on the Gift Aid Declaration Form is provided.

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School supplies
A donation to The T.E.A. Project enables us to provide the essential training and workshops needed to empower vulnerable children living in poverty.

A gift of £10 provides vital T.E.A.-Training materials, £30 funds one fully staffed equipped day of L.I.F.E. Training and £100 allows The T.E.A. Project to employ a local Project Worker full time.

We are a grass roots charity doing some big work. Every penny is felt. Your donation is vital to that success.

"Thank You - You make The T.E.A. Project possible"

Registered UK Charity no.1163485, INGO FL-172204 (Sri Lanka)

Phone: +94 (0) 76 868 9599



The T.E.A. Project is always looking for enthusiastic University Interns from abroad and Sri Lanka.

Below is some information regarding Internships with The T.E.A. Project:

What is The T.E.A. Project?

We are a registered UK INGO working with underprivileged children and communities in Sri Lanka. T.E.A. means Training, Empowerment and Awareness

What does The T.E.A. Project do?

T.E.A. runs empowerment programmes, training and community development activities to help children develop skills for learning and employment, we aim to develop ambition and unlock the potential in each child, all our work helps to keep children safe, happy and healthy.  We run teacher training programmes, we develop the capacity of parents and the local community to raise living standards and improve wellbeing

Who does The T.E.A. Project work with?

We work with diverse communities situated in the tea estates of Hanthana, Central province.  We work with children aged 2 – 24 years who live in line house communities with parents who work typically as tea pickers and labourers.  We provide an outreach empowerment programme to our network of 10-rural schools in Hanthana.  We support orphanages and with other non-profit organisations who share our values.

Where does The T.E.A. Project work from?

We have school and orphanage partners who are based island-wide, however 90% of our work is conducted from our ‘Children’s Empowerment and Teacher Training Centre’ in Hanthana, Kandy.

We run after school/holiday programmes, a free English medium pre-school, vocational training, employment guidance, counselling, youth advocacy and children right’s projects, youth work experience programmes and many more activities for children and communities situated around our Centre in Hanthana.

What work do Interns do?

Interns provide a great support to The T.E.A. Project whilst developing a range of skills and competencies and gaining valuable work experience.  Interns mainly work on the projects Empowerment Centre and school outreach programmes and events.  Activities include; planning events, coordinating and facilitating workshops, evaluating programmes, report writing, administration and much more.


Do you have the skills we need?

  • Do you the skills and personality to help unlock potential in children?
  • You are organised and good at planning?
  • Do you have excellent listening and communication skills?
  • Are you enthusiastic, hard-working and a committed individual?
  • Are you are flexible and adaptable?
  • Are you honest, professional and a positive role model to others?
  • Can you provide a Police Report

As an Intern what can you expect from The T.E.A. Project?

  • All your travel costs will be reimbursed
  • You will work alongside local and international professionals from different fields (social care, education, health etc)
  • You will be well supported and receive regular supervision (1-1 meetings with a manager)
  • You will gain valuable experience working with and supporting vulnerable children/families
  • To participate in our ‘training the trainers’ programmes and staff development training and events 


My Internship Experience with The T.E.A. Project

J.Arun JP

As a university student I had a chance to join with The T.E.A., Project and complete my internship period. During that period I chanced to work with the school children, conducted consultation programmes for school children, worked with the community, planned programmes and prepared reports. As a result of working with The T.E.A. Project I could improve myself and handle different tasks successfully. During my internship period I improved my leadership skills, presentation skills, communication skills, adaptability and creativity. I got a lot of experience and knowledge working with The T.E.A. Project. It was a great opportunity for me and I am so happy and proud of myself working in there.
Thank you all for giving me to chance to work with you.

Chamini, 2019

J.Arun JP

When I was university student I felt that I wanted to help people but I didn’t have any idea how I could do that. During this time I found The T.E.A. Project and I was really excited to work with the project. The first two days with the project I realized that I had found a big sister in Racheal. Since December 2016 I have been volunteering with The T.E.A. Project.
I learned to be a positive and good leader, be a kind person to others as an Intern student and later as a volunteer with T.E.A. When I look back at my past I feel that The T.E.A. Project was a ladder to help me build up my future.
Now I am a Counsellor, Social Worker and Lecturer working with the Women and Child Affairs Ministry. Now I am doing great things with the community. I found my inner person after joining with T.E.A.
Thank You T.E.A.

Himali, 2019



We can accommodate a range of students placements, work experience and community development opportunities.  We have residential accommodation for groups of up to 20 people.  

If you are interested in our Internship programme please send your C.V and a covering letter to

If you are an organisation or University that would like to partner with The T.E.A. Project, please contact Racheal on the above e-mail address.