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Direct Giving:

Set up a monthly standing order or give a one-off gift via your bank or building society by sending us an Email Request; we will then send you our Charity Bank details.

Donating in this way ensures 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects.

Completing and returning the available Gift Aid form means The T.E.A Project can claim an additional 25 % on your donation at no extra cost to yourself.

We will keep you updated on the work and impact that your donation has enabled so you can continue to appreciate the real benefit.

Make your donations go further

The Government operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated. So if you donated £100 to The T.E.A Project, it means that you’ll actually be giving us at least £125.

Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to our donors.

Gift Aid – the facts
For individuals, the rules require the completion of Gift Aid Declaration Form

  • This provides us with the minimum information required for us to be able to claim Gift Aid on a donation.
  • Gift Aid can be claimed on individual and sponsorship donations that are made to The T.E.A Project.
  • Gift Aid applies only to ‘gifts’. That means we can’t use Gift Aid to boost fundraising totals on activities where people have been charged an entry fee, made a purchase;or have entered a competition. This also extends to activities where the donor can’t be traced (such as giving to collections).
  • To ensure that the Gift Aid claim is valid, meaning we can claim the money back, it’s vitally important that all the information asked for on the Gift Aid Declaration Form is provided.
Download the form

Donate Educational Resources:

School supplies

A donation to The T.E.A Project enables us to provide the essential training and workshops needed to empower vulnerable children living in poverty. A gift of £10 provides vital T.E.A-Training materials, £30 funds one fully staffed & equipped day of L.I.F.E. Training and £100 allows The T.E.A Project to employ a local Project Worker full time. We are a grass roots charity doing some big work. Every penny is felt. Your donation is vital to that success.

"Thank You - You make The T.E.A Project possible"

Registered UK Charity no.1163485

Phone: +94 722 012 515


The TEAm

J.Arun JP
J.Arun JP

Chief Executive Officer

Arun is the youngest Director on the board; bringing necessary youthful insight, energy & a wealth of ideas to the TEAm. Educated (Trilingual in Tamil, Sinhala and English), he is already business proven and owns valuable experience of working for charitable causes prior to joining the project. An excellent communicator. Above all Arun is genuine; his kindness shines through. He has a willingness to go the extra mile for the children we work for and utilises his skills to help the project to realise our vision & achieve it's mission.

As a socially responsible person it is my duty to give something back to the society. T.E.A is a great platform, I love doing charity work and bringing smiles to children
Racheal Ireton
Racheal Ireton

Director of Centre Management & Programmes

Her career has been dedicated to improving life chances and promoting rights for vulnerable children and young people. A recognised Children’s Rights Trainer, Advocate, Participation Manager and Education Consultant Racheal has vast experience developing standards; working in collaboration with organisations and service users.

I am a strong advocate of social justice, travelling to Mozambique as a young graduate inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others less privileged than myself. My dream is for The T.E.A Project to empower millions of children living in poverty
CEO Carl
Carl Gale

Director for UK Operations

Carl is best described as a creative element. He brings a coloured and varied wealth of professional value to the project; gathered from decades of travel, work, education and life experience. Carl attributes his achievements to his friends, family and an unrelenting personal resolve.

The most valuable things I have learned in life came from listening and observing people, opinions and situations; good and bad. The most important thing I feel I can do to repay that education is to try and help the lives of people less fortunate than myself; to become a positive part of that same education. I want to make my dreams a reality

TrusTEA and Eco-warrior

Hazel graduated in Development studies and then travelled the world fulfilling her passion for diving; completing her Dive Master in Malaysian Borneo. Her passion for protecting the environment led her to roles in Local Government Boroughs of London; lessening the harmful effect of waste on the environment and the planet. Hazel emigrated to New Zealand with her daughter and husband and is currently working in Auckland managing waste contracts on the beautiful Huraki Gulf Islands.

The T.E.A Project works with vulnerable children and poor families, giving them training, support and guidance. I was greatly inspired and touched by the service they do for children and the community. My dream is to serve my community and inspire the future generation.


Based in the UK, she is a Consultant Social Worker and is passionate about the welfare of children and young people. Dee is The T.E.A Project’s Child Protection expert. Social work is something she was drawn to. Dee enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She has a passion for good music, good food, enjoys learning, history, culture and experiencing new things in life.

I believe in supporting the rights and welfare of others, particularly those who are the most vulnerable in society and cannot help themselves. My dream is for more kindness, compassion and respect in the world.


Hannah is a TrusTEA and has been a supporter of The T.E.A Project from day one. She is a Doctor and a committed runner. Hannah is our source for all things healthy. She extends her healing powers to the TEAm when the going gets tough and we need our spirits lifted. The project would not be in such a healthy position without Hannah’s care. Her travels have given Hannah a passion for social justice and culture. Hannah’s dream is to maintain a positive and anonymous support within society


Programme Co-ordinator

Tharindu is a professional Social Worker who is always seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another in order to make people understand about their strengths and empower them to have a quality of life.

I have a dream..a song to sing.. To help me cope with anything
Christin Fritsche
Christin Fritsche

TrusTEA and VolunTEAr Co-ordinator

Christin has graduated in Adult Education / Vocational Training and English Studies. Her interest in cultures brought her to many corners of the world. Being driven by her open, inquisitive and compassionate nature and listening to many different life stories, her desire grew to do something meaningful and help disadvantaged people.

Already as a child I had a strong sense of justice and often took the role of a mediator, supporting others. Later people frequently told me that I cannot change the world. But I think I can do it. Every little effort counts, everyone can make a difference. And the reward is more valuable than anything: to see people grow from their own strength is really touching my heart. My dream is for every human being to recognize their uniqueness and to develop the confidence and means to do what they love, regardless of their background.
Nicola Hall
Nicola Hall

Corporate Fundraising Officer

Nicola has held a number of different marketing and communication positions including Head of Internal Communications and Creative for ICAP

Passion, energy, originality and skill goes into everything I deliver. I believe in partnership and collaboration and teaming up with the right people and sector partners to deliver the best results. I am deeply touched by the work of the T.E.A project. It was humbling to meet the children of Sri Lanka living in impoverished conditions associated with the families working on the tea plantations. The children have an innocence and vulnerability, but also a brightness and great spirit with so much potential in life. With training, education and encouragement it will enable a future full of possibility. It is an honour to be a part of the T.E.A project, to help them to achieve their goals and make a profound difference.

I enjoy experimenting with cooking different cuisines, sport, music, travel and culture and art.

I dream for more equality and opportunity in the world.

Finance Manager

Tikiri brings a concrete foundation to The T.E.A Project; her skills steady the ship. Hard working, straight talking and vigilant. She has years of accounting experience and has helped to transform our accounting capabilities and finance procedures. Equally important, Tikiri is an advocate for The T.E.A Project. She has belief in the project and in her colleagues; colleagues who benefit regularly from her confidence, experience and extensive knowledge.

The experience I've gained from working with The T.E.A Project has taught me that no one loses from giving to those in need. It isn't merely the satisfaction i've gained from being a finance manager but also a feeling of immense joy of working with kids.
Carolina Longhini
Carolina Longhini

Web Developer & I.T Co-Ordinator

Carolina is The T.E.A Project’s Web Developer and IT Co-Ordinator, responsible for developing, maintaining and monitoring our website. She loves all things tech, travelling and learning new things. When not coding, she can be found outside with her dogs or enjoying a good cup of coffee or both.

We all have something to give and contribute for a better world. When in doubt, start with a positive attitude and good intentions.