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T.E.A. Youth Board

Helping children in the rural areas was one of my biggest dreams. The T.E.A. Project gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. As soon as I completed my A/Ls I got a chance to volunteer with The T.E.A. Project. The Project is doing  great work helping children academically and organising training programmes to develop skills of children in tea estates and promoting children's rights.

They are training us to be good trainers to support children and to develop ourselves. With T.E.A. i improved my leadership qualities, decision making, communication and presentation skills. The T.E.A. Project made me realise the importance of every youth. The best part of all is working with the T.E.A. Youth Board. I am really proud to be a part of it. T.E.A. has given me the key to open my door of success.

The T.E.A. Youth Board is a group of young people who gather to discuss about the development of the Children’s Empowerment Centre. Organising programmes and activities to develop their skills and abilities in order to become active youth board members; for the development of the society and to experience organisational activities to develop future careers. Currently there are 19 members in the board.

There is a six month fixed term contract between T.E.A. and the youth board members. An application should be submitted to the Programme Coordinator of the T.E.A. Project. They will call the applicant for an interview to discuss all the policies and procedures and to measure if the volunteer meets all the requirements for Youth Board Membership. We are recruiting young people between 15 to 25 years.

The objectives of Youth Board are:

  • To develop Children's Empowerment Centre
  • To promote children's rights.
  • To improve skills of young people in the society.

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